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Reserve your Brien McMahon High School Support Banner Space!

The Norwalk Public School Board of Education has approved the placement of support banners at Brien McMahon's Jack Casagrande Field.

Hurry to purchase your space!







The Norwalk Public School Board of Education has approved

the placement of support banners at Brien McMahon High School’s Jack Casagrande Field

Now is your chance to purchase a space!


  1.   For a $300 fee you or your business can reserve a space for your BMHS Support Banner on the Jack   Casagrande Field fence surrounding the track. Your banner will remain on display for the entire 2019-2020  school year.


    2.  All banners must have a “support” message (see samples).


    3.  Each sponsor is responsible for designing and purchasing their own banner.


    4.  All banner designs must be submitted to the Athletic Director for approval. Any banner received

         without prior approval may be rejected.


    5.  Checks must accompany the space reservation form and the design submission. Please include

         your name, phone, address and email.


    6.  Once your space reservation form and check have been received and your design approved,

         you will be notified so that you can go ahead and have your banner produced.


    7.  All banners must be 3’ high x 8’ wide with a navy blue background with white type.


    8.  We recommend that each banner have a minimum of three grommets at the top and the bottom

         of the banner to properly secure it to the fence. Five grommets will ensure more secure placement.

         We recommend that you purchase a laminated outdoor banner to help it survive the elements for

         the full school year.


    9.  Banners can be purchased locally at FedEx, Staples and other locations.


   10. All finished banners are to be delivered to John Cross, Athletic Director, Brien McMahon High School,

         300 Highland Avenue, Norwalk, CT  06851.


   11. Banner placement will be at the Athletic Director’s discretion.


   12. If you have questions please call John Cross at (203) 852-9488 ext. 1246




2019 - 2020 Space Reservation Form


Please send this space reservation form, your check or money order for $300 per banner, and your

banner design submission(s) for approval to:

John Cross, Athletic Director

Brien McMahon High School

300 Highland Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06851


Date: _________________________________________________________________________

Banner Sold by: ________________________ To Benefit the _____________________ Team

Contact Name: _________________________________________________________________

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Business Phone: ___________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________

Business Email: ___________________________________ Number of Banners: __________

Check payable to BMHS Athletic Department enclosed for $ ____________________________

Money Order payable to BMHS Athletic Department enclosed for $ _______________________

Please note the name of the team you are supporting in the memo section of your check.

Specs for the banner (3’ x 8’, green background, white type, etc.) can be found on the reverse side

of this sheet. If you have any questions, please contact John Cross at 203-852-9488 ext 11246.


Thank you in advance for your support of the Brien McMahon High School Athletic Teams!


See sample banner below!




Have a great season.

The ABC Company Proudly Supports

BMHS Football!



www.abccompany.com/(203) 555-1234