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Registration for Brien McMahon Athletics requires the following steps:


1.  A parent or guardian must fill out the required forms and information at FinalForms (Click here for English version, Spanish version). When submitting email addresses be sure to submit an email that you will routinely check as very important emails will be sent to those addresses in the future. Initial registration will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Once this information is added subsequent registrations will be much quicker as your information will be carried over to additional children, seasons, and years.


2. The athlete will receive an email from FinalForms (Click here for Student-Athlete version) and they will need to complete and sign their forms.


3. A current physical needs to be on file in the nurse's office. The physical is valid for 13 months from the time of the physical date.  It must be filled out on the State of Connecticut Health Assessment blue form. Return the completed form to the nurse's office. Do not turn it into the coach.  Health Assessment forms can be found here.


If an athlete attends AITE, or another alternative program, we need a physical on file with the Brien McMahon High School nurse.  McMahon athletes on co-op teams can turn in their physical to their school nurse.


4.  Students need to be passing four credits and have at least a 1.7 GPA.  Incoming Freshmen are exempt from this for the first quarter. Students from AITE must email a copy of their report card to the athletic director at crossj@norwalkps.org.